Q: Can I get continuing education units (CEU’s) for participation in Forum?

A: Yes! Continuing Education units are available through Dominican University of California’s Department of Professional and Continuing Education. Download this Form and follow the instructions to apply directly to Dominican University of California.

Q: can i get a Group, school or district discount?

A: Contact us at foruminfo@millennium.org if you are interested in enrolling a teacher, school or district group.

Q: Do you offer scholarships?

A: Yes. While we have done our best to provide a high quality service at a low price, we are deeply committed to equity and inclusion in all forms, including financial accessibility, and so we offer partial scholarships based on need, impact, and background. We receive significantly more requests than we can fulfill, so please take the time to evaluate your need honestly and thoughtfully prior to submitting your request. Please click HERE to apply.


Q: Do you have to be a teacher to join?

A: No. While the majority of our members are K-12 classroom teachers, we welcome all educators including counselors and administrators at all levels, from early childhood through adult education.

Q: Will my school pay for this?

A: Maybe. Forum is recognized as a highly effective form of professional development. Many schools and districts allow educators to use their professional development funds to participate in Forum. When you enroll we will provide you with a receipt you may submit for reimbursement. Please check with your school or district.

Q: can my school pay you directly?

A: We can only accept payment via credit card through the online registration process.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Much like enrolling in college, once we accept your admission we hold that spot and deny other students membership above our annual capacity. As a result, we’re unable to provide refunds once the August 1 deadline has passed.

Q: How often do Forums meet?

A: Forums are organized into groups of about 8 educators each, and meet in the evenings for two hours every three weeks, or 12 times each school year (September through May). Please see the schedule section for more detail. The complete calendar is downloadable during the SIGN UP process.

Q: What technology do I need to join?

A: You just need a computer built in the last 6 years with a current browser and broadband wifi access. No smartphones or iPads. You’ll also want a set of headphones, maybe a cup of coffee and a private, comfortable place to sit.

Q: What if I need to miss a Forum?

A: It is recommended that you not miss more than 2 Forums over the course of the year. If you do need to miss, please contact your Forum group as soon as you know you won’t be able to join.

Q: Who else will be placed into my Forum?

A: Unless you request to be with specific colleagues (see below), you’ll be grouped with other educators primarily from around the US (we also have some international members).

Q: Can I request to be in the same Forum as a colleague?

A: Forum assignments are made on a space available basis. If you and your colleague(s) want to request being placed in the same Forum, 1) Make sure you choose the same 1st and 2nd choice for Forum day/time when you sign up and 2) Email us at foruminfo@millennium.org  to make your request. We will honor requests as space is available.

Q: What if I am running late and need to join Forum after the official start?

A: Please DO NOT join your Forum if you are more than 10 minutes late. Late arrivals can be quite disruptive to the Forum experience.

Q: What if I need to leave a Forum early?

A: Please make every effort to stay for the entire Forum. If you must leave early, please let the group know when you check in. If you know that you need to leave more than 15 minutes early, please DO NOT join your Forum that day. Early departures can be quite disruptive to the Forum flow.

Q: How are Forum Sessions guided?

A: Each Forum is moderated by a designated peer member who serves as the Forum “Guide” for the year. This Guide has been trained by Millennium and is part of an ongoing Guide learning community. We encourage all members who have successfully completed their first year in Forum to apply to be Guides for first-year Forums in subsequent years. This is an invaluable way to give back to the educator community. Alternatively, many members decide to continue on with their current Forum for multiple years, ever deepening their personal and professional connection.

Q: What is the Calendar for the 2019-20 Forum Journey?

A: Forums convene approximately every 3 weeks from 5-7pm (PT, CT, and ET) on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. See the 2019-20 Forum Calendar below.


Q: Where do I find my link to the Forum online Platform?

A: Each Forum participant has a private, dedicated link to the online Forum platform. Once you receive your link, you should add it to your computer BOOKMARKS. If you lose your link, you may look it up in your Forum Member profile.