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Our Mission: Advancing Social-Emotional Learning through Teacher Well-Being

"Teachers are the engine that drives SEL programs and practices in schools, and their own social-emotional competence and well-being strongly influences their students."

- Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl, University of British Columbia

Mindful Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is one of the biggest movements in education today with 90% of U.S. teachers believing in its value for their students. Yet only 17% of teachers receive sufficient SEL training, and even fewer are dedicated to supporting teacher well-being by addressing their feelings of stress and burnout. Most SEL resources to date have focused primarily on district policies, research and white papers, and student curriculum, ignoring the critical importance of developing whole teachers and helping them build their own social and emotional competencies so that they can bring them into the classroom.

Building A Community for Well-Being in Education: Millennium Forum

Millennium.org was created to address what remains a largely missing piece in the implementation of social-emotional learning: building the capacity of teachers to address and embody their own well-being and social-emotional capacities. We believe that by developing and supporting the whole teacher, we best facilitate the development of the whole child.

Millennium’s Forum is a social learning platform for teacher well-being & SEL development which translates research in developmental science into practical tools and content that teachers integrate amongst themselves and in their classrooms. Forum leverages peer-to-peer circles with a goal to strengthen teachers’ social and emotional learning (SEL) capacities and cultivate greater well-being in three ways:

  1. Self-Care, and Commitment to a Personal Mindful Development Practice

  2. Peer-to-Peer Connection, Intimacy, Trust, Coaching and Mentorship

  3. Professional Development on Mindful Social-Emotional Learning and the Science of Human Development

Forum is a professional development program of millennium.org.

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